our story

We have developed products that we need. In a fast pace world, we found ourselves prioritizing other activities and skipping to take our vitamins. Feeling drained and tired we found out we had low levels of Vitamin B-12 in our blood and were told by the doctor to start taking Vitamin B-12 supplements. We knew the problem and solution to our lack of energy, however were very poor at taking our supplements. That was when we discovered vitamin B-12 inhalers, and quickly learnt how effective, convenient and affordable they were. The only downfall with the inhalers we were using was the taste. That was when we knew we were on to something and developed an R&D team that developed a vitamin B-12 inhaler to meet our needs. Having our friends and family want the inhaler too and then friends' of friends and extended family members we knew we just had to bring it to the market.